Friday, May 29, 2009

Safe in His Hands

I have noticed the Lord puts themes in my life. For instance, once a month our praise band at church, has a praise night where anyone can come join them in a practice type setting. If you go, you must participate, by singing or playing an instrument. My husband is in the praise band and the leader is a great friend of mine. She invited me to go...which meant since I don't play an instrument I would have to sing....oh dear! Anyway as I'm standing in front of the piano and my friend is singing beautifully...I start singing too. The first song we sang was this:

This song has stayed with me ever since, it's just constantly playing in my head. This song has truly been my life lately and God IS amazing! Although I was a believer and was struggling to wrestle the unseen before Jabez...NOW I feel that the Lord has awakened me to the battle. He's truly put me in my Godly armor and is showing me constantly that the battle is waging.

My husband recently lost his job, my son went through an emergency room visit and an eventual hospital stay which is all leading to a tonsillectomy. No big deal unless you don't have health insurance and you only work part time. Which just so happens to be my case. The Lord has truly calmed the storm inside my soul. I'm not worried, which for me is HUGE! My mom called me last night and I could hear the panic in her voice worrying about what my husband was going to do. I just couldn't feel anything but peace. That could ONLY come from the Lord. That is NOT me. I tend to be a worrier and a dweller but the Lord has given me the freedom of joy and peace and I AM amazed. I think she was a little bit stunned; not sure that my attitude did anything but make her worry more however to God be the Glory because He has calmed the storm inside my soul!!

Oh that we would all fall in the hands of God! He DOES give us rest, we CAN stand tall, and there IS freedom there!!

Yesterday, I went to my reunion group at Chele's house. She started telling me about a song that had truly touched her on the ride home. She was jamming OUT to this song and praising the Lord. Then she started telling me the lyrics of the song that touched guessed it!! It gave me chill bumps then and it gives me chill bumps now. You're amazing Lord and we praise You for what Your hands have done! Amen.

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