Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Heat is On!

If there is one thing that stops me in my tracks, it's the heat. I live in the south, at the beach but I don't like the all! When it gets hot, I sweat....alot! I know you've heard that southern women don't sweat but I'm here to tell you...that's NOT true, this one does. It starts at my hairline and my hair is ruined for the entire day. It pours down my face in a way that is most embarrassing. I recall a time, at church, that it had happened to me and as I'm sitting in the sanctuary, someone that I considered being a close friend, started making fun of me and my bad hair. I looked and all the friends, that I considered closest to me, joined in the laughter. Wow, I was so hurt. Especially with the one who knew of the true way I felt concerning it. If I could have left I would have but I was sandwiched in and there was no retreat in site. Don't you hate it when you are being made fun of and you can't even leave?

I learned last week that there was alot of making fun of each other and calling each other names. All this at church. I was even a target...I didn't have to hear it but my son did. Unfortunately, for myself and my kids, I have alot to be made fun of, about me. It hurt me so bad that my son had to deal with something I've had to deal with all my life. What and how do you handle it when you are being made fun and your child has to deal with it? Talk about a heart breaker and a reason to be down on yourself. I did go there with the "guilt" thing but I didn't stay there. I explained to him that I was sorry but I can't help that, if I could I would...believe me! We discussed different stategies to handling it when it happened again. Because it will happen again. I'm sorry I'm talking in circles...but it's not something I like to talk about, it's rather embarrassing but something the Lord has given me to deal with.

One thing I've learned over my lifetime of being the butt of jokes is I don't make fun of others. I really try NOT to make fun of others and I don't laugh when someone else is being made fun of. Because when you laugh, you are giving the bully a huge high five and you are helping the person being turtured go lower and lower. You would think as adults we have fine tuned this area but I've noticed, some of us, haven't. We get it when it's us who are the victim but not always when others are the victim.

The Lord calls us to a higher standard than the world. He calls us to love our neighbor as ourself. There is not one of us who likes our weaknesses put on display. We need to watch our words constantly so that we are constantly aware of what we are saying and to whom. Would what I'm about to say hurt them? Embarrass them?

I realize I fail but I DO try. I never want to make someone feel as I have felt over the years. We all fall short of the Glory of God however, we should never stop trying, til our last breathe is drawn. Here's to lifting others up instead of tearing them down!!!

Today , at work, the A/C is off and I'm currently melting as I sit here typing. I have a pencil in my hair holding it up and I'm wishing I had my visor so nobody could see the damage being done to my hair. Please, if you happen to come by...don't make fun of my hair OR my other issues. The heat in me can't take it ; )

May the Lord make the words of your mouth pleasing in His site and may He restore all broken A/Cs asap. Praise the Lord for A/C!!



  1. Oh girl, most of what you are talking about I didn't know about. I hope I was not involved because I don't remember ever making fun of you for ANYTHING!! And if you need to talk, you know I am here!! Love ya girl! And Lord, give this girl some A/C!!! BTW, did your hubby tell you I broke my toe at Youth last night?

  2. Oh and thanks for putting my new button up!

  3. No you weren't there, you weren't living here then. LOL Of course, I'm going to put your button up!!! And NO he didn't tell me about your toe, what in the world?

    As for the A/C the Lord has provided a really nice breeze and on occasion I get this wonderful sea breeze and it's HEAVEN!! I'm so glad the office is so close to beach...

  4. Isn't it sad that some of our worst moments can come at church. And it is really hard to make our kids understand why when even we can't explain.

    Praying for a Little A/C for you today!

  5. Thank you Get Real Girl! I appreciate the prayers and this morning when I came in the A/C was working!! Praise Jesus!

    I agree it's sad that church could ever be anything but a safe haven...however, that's why we are there isn't it? We all fall short and so we gather in our sinfulness to worship our Redeemer in all our flaws, faults and shortcomings...and sometimes it's rather painful in the process. Thank you for stopping by :)