Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here a cell, there a cell, Everywhere a cellphone!

Last night my son had youth group and he didn't want to go. My aunt and her family have decided to make our church their "home" and she has a daughter around my son's age. She wanted to go to youth but didn't feel comfortable going without my son there too. All that is sorta funny because they aren't close and barely know each other, so I was amazed that she called wanting to know if my son were going. He kept telling her no but I stepped in and said, "You need to do this for her. That's part of the Christian walk ; putting others before yourself. " He decided to go and when I dropped him off he was laughing with his friends.

I was so proud of him. He didn't complain about going, he didn't get mad, he really stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. I was also proud of him because he is a shy person, he isn't the type to put himself out there. He waits on others to come up to him and sometimes that means he's left sitting there by himself. But with his cousin there, he had to make some moves, he had to lead her to meet other people. Now, I wasn't there to see how he managed that but he told me when he got home that she had made two new friends and they weren't boys!! YAY! (She is a very pretty girl and the boys just went gaga over her the first time she went to a youth function)

So he gets home and he's telling me all about youth. He's glad he went (YAY) and he had a great time (YAY) but....then he starts the old argument that leaves me angry all over. I held my temper but inside I was seething. My son is 11 years old, he's always with me or adults, he's never unattended. He doesn't drive yet, he doesn't have his own job but he wants a cell phone. Now, I'm sorry if I step on any toes here but I HONESTLY don't understand why parents are giving their children cell phones. I just don't get it.

My daughter had a friend come over the other day ,the friend is 9, but she had a cell phone. Why does a 9 year old child need a cellphone?

One of the smartest ladies I know, so my son is telling me, has given her son, who's 12 at the most, a cellphone. He broke it yesterday and she REPLACED it!! It makes my blood boil.

Chele and I teach Youth Sunday School. These kids come to ss class with cellphone. Their parents are in another classroom not 20 feet away but they have to have a cellphone?

It is my opinion that parents have lost their minds. To a kid a cellphone is a status symbol. I hear it all the time. They are like the IZod shirts we used to have to wear to be cool, which my mom never would allow me to own because she thought they were so ugly.

They are incredibly rude with them. They are either talking on them or they are texting. They are not paying attention to the people around them or what is going on because they are too busy texting or talking to someone else who isn't there! It's ridiculous to me. I can only think of two parents right now that agree with me. One has a 15 year old and guess what?!?! He doesn't have a cellphone! Shocker!! AND he's one of the most well rounded individuals I know. He hasn't lost anything because of not having a cellphone. It's amazing! The other parent allowed her kids to get a cellphone when they had a job and their drivers license. That makes sense to me. That's when I, personally, can understand them having one.

What are we giving our children to look forward to? We give them everything so young now that they don't even understand what it means to wait and long for something. I remember that going to high school was awesome because we could go to the prom. Now they have proms in middle school. What's the big deal with the high school prom now? It's not the big deal anymore. They don't have to wait to have a cellphone, we give them one when they 5 and don't see a problem with it. It's so sad to me.

Okay, I'm sorry if I've stepped on your toes, I'm sorry if I've offended. We all have our opinions and I just had to spew mine all over you. :)

Peace and May God bless you always



  1. hahaha you said spew! Too funny! Anyway, I completely agree!! I know we have talked about this but I don't see any reason for our kids to have cell phones at least until they get in high school (you know the party scene we both used to be into) and have a job to pay for it!! My goodness, I can't even afford my own cell phone.

    Hey, you did get a call about the game this evening right?! We are all going...this should be interesting!!

  2. I did say spew! LOL What's wrong with me?!?! LOL

    I DID get the call and the game is at 6 right?!?! How am I going to cheer on the team with this frog in my throat? I'm praying it doesn't rain it out. I'm ready for the end of baseball to get here. See ya tonight :)

  3. LOL!!! I think I said "spew" in a blog post this week, too!! I don't know why!!

    I totally agree with the whole cell phone thing. There is no reason a kid who is not even in high school needs a cell phone!

  4. Marci why are we spewing all over everywhere?!?! Maybe YOU are the reason I'm spewing? LOL