Friday, June 5, 2009

The Lesson Plan

This blog is mainly for Chele as we are partnering to teach a youth Sunday School class. Please feel free to comment and read it but it might be a tad boring to others. I apologize for that.

Okay, I've gone over the lesson and it's about Moses and the burning bush. I'm sticking mainly with the book. I like the suggestions they have this week.

After the role and the "fruit" readings/snacks, I'm going to have them close their eyes and I'm going to read to them the "guided imagery" that is under "Say What?" in the book. I'll ask them:

Where were you?
What did you see?
What did the voice sound like?
How did you feel?

I've reread about Moses life and I'll do some explainations about how he got to Midian and how this is really the first time that he's probably had any contact with the Lord. Actually, for what is in the bible, I wonder if he even knew of the Lord at all. But then again he did know that he was a Hebrew, so...anyway, after that we'll read the lesson straight through, I won't interrupt!! I promise :) Then I'll ask them:

How was your vision similar to what Moses experienced?
How was it different?

I think we'll do "Not just a Job" since that really shouldn't take much time. But since the Take-Away is "God calls all of us, regardless of age, to find our vocation." I think it's necessary.

After that we'll play Pictionary on the dry erase board. I would love to play it the way that they have it in the book but with only one dry erase board I'm not sure how we would do it. I've already written out the words. I guess we need to come up with the rules BEFORE we play it. I'm thinking they draw a word, we need a timer...I'll check my games for a sandtimer, and they'll keep drawing until they miss one. The other teams can NOT answer unless it's their turn. If the team doesn't guess it and the play switches, they can be given a chance to "steal" the point?

Also, I've looked at the lessons we are going to be doing this month and I think our new "fruit" needs to be patience. God shows patience with Moses this week when Moses asks God, Who am I that I should go to Pharoah...and we will be in Exodus for the whole month and I KNOW the Israelites didn't show patience while they were in the desert.

I really want to stress to them that they need to be praying for the fruit for their Prayer Pals. They should have been praying for peace for their Prayer Pals last month and patience for their Prayer Pals this months....I forgot about drawing the new Prayer Pals this week....I'll try to remember my watch this time and if I see we're running out of time I'll drop the "Not Just a Job"....not sure if we'll make it to the game or not...hmmm. I've got to do a better job of getting started!!!!

Anyway, that's what I've come up with...let me know what you think or what you don't like or whatever!! LOL



  1. What curriculum do you use? I help with our children's church and we are always looking for good, hands on lessons that teach kids the Bible basics. Your lessons sound interesting.

  2. Thank you Marci :) We use BL4Y Bible Lessons for Youth. The church gets it from Cokesbury. Sometimes the lessons are REALLY good and others not so much. They have some really good curriculum out there, if you haven't been to, go and check it out. They even have ways sample lessons for you to look at. There are also alot of great websites out there with some really great ideas. Let me know if you are interested and I'll post the websites that I've found.

  3. I'll email you Marci...

    Erika that sounds great! Actually I did do this on Tuesday and just didn't have a chance to talk to you. I was thinking the exact same thing! Too funny! It will all work! I'll get the prayer pals ready before Sunday and we can just add them to the pile if others are there. Give me a call this afternoon please!

  4. oh goodness, I had to take my blogger followers off my page. It was messing my whole IE up! I posted that comment above and it did not show your comment to Marci and didn't not show that mine was sent to you to approve!! So Marci, I will not email you because Erika already responded! Although, if you have any questions you can ask either of us! Erika please give me a call when you have a minute! Thanks!

  5. I would love any good links that you have found!!

  6. Marci, I'm sorry it's taken awhile but here are some links that I've found. They are mostly concerning youth but I've found that alot of the ideas can work with almost any age. Hope they help :)