Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lesson Plan for June 14

It's that time of week again. Once again, I apologize for this but this is a good way for Chele and I to communicate about our weekly lesson.

This week the lesson is on Exodus 4:10-16, 27-31.

I think the first thing we'll do is Famous Matching. I had no idea that Albert Einstein couldn't tie his shoe laces or that Kristi Yamaguchi was born with club feet! I was fascinated by these. Then we'll go to what it says to do under No Excuses. I love this because it's making me stop them during the reading. LOL So we'll go through those questions as we read. The question that asks What is God's response to Moses and the one about his anger I really want to delve into. I was intrigued by God's anger here. I'd never noticed it before and haven't had a book point it out but if they didn't add the part that He was angry I wouldn't have known that He was angry. I find that even in His anger He's in control. There are no exclaimation points, so He wasn't yelling, there was no name calling, He was calm and even in His anger, He helped Moses with what he was uncomfortable with. I was very inspired by that. God is so good :) I also want to point out just how patient the Lord was with Moses and honestly even in His anger, He showed patience by not yelling and such. So cool.

I guess after that we'll move on to the other questions in No Excuses that talk about what calling the Lord is placing in their lives and we'll talk about different ways that they can serve God at their age. This is where I'm going to tell about what Tyler did the day that he was shopping at Food Lion. I think it's great that's he's on a shopping trip and he found a way to serve the Lord right there. Maybe we'll talk about different ways they can serve wherever they go? Remember the email that went around talking about the lady with the baby at the end of the long line. When the man at the front of the line made it to the teller he switched places with that lady. Such a wonderful thing to do and something ALL of us could do :) Stuff like that?

After that....I'm sorta lost about what to do. The Finding Gifts in Others is cool but I'm reluctant to do that for fear of someone not being able to come up with a gift for another person. We would have to come up with gifts too and I'm so afraid that if our mind locks...that won't be good for that kid, AT ALL. Tell me what you think about it. It's on page 12/13. If we don't do that, I was thinking about doing charades with that list in the book under that title. I don't know the rules to it so I'd need to google that. Actually I've never really played charades but with that list I'm not sure we could do Pictionary, maybe Hangman. I don't know but we would HAVE to take the books up first or it would be too easy.

Let me know what you think.


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