Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magifying the good!

"...but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize to which God in Jesus Christ is calling us upward."
Philippians 3:13,14

Today, as I'm really trying to finish the Me and My Big Mouth book...I'm really trying ;). I was taught alot about handling situations or problems in our lives.

I've always been a very sensitive person and the things people say can really set me off, knock me down or pick me up. I have this need of approval from others than is very sad and can be very debilitating. If I think I've upset someone and they are angry with me, it will literally eat me up inside. So much so that I've actually, literally given myself an ulcer. Some might say that it's stuff I've eaten, my lifestyle but I just KNOW it's from worrying so much. I can be rather easily offended and it's just plain annoying.

How many of us say things the wrong way on a daily basis? I know I do, daily if not hourly. So why am I taking what someone says so personally? It's rather silly and actually can be a pride issue. A "how dare they treat me this way" or "how dare they speak to me this way" problem. What I do is magnify the bad in the situation and not the good. That is not what the Lord calls us to do. We are to magnify the GOOD in every situation.

As I was reading today I was being bombarded with a thought that honestly I hadn't even noticed....On Monday my son had his tonsils out. He's done rather well and is healing nicely. We had several people stop by and call us to check on him. Some brought stuff, others offered but due to a failed freezer we couldn't accept the offer (thanks Michele!) we were very blessed with love and I knew people cared. But as I'm reading today, my mind wondered a tad and it hit me that my sisters, whom I've always considered myself close to, hadn't called at all to check on their nephew. They hadn't done a thing. Ouch. I was just before letting hurt take over when I read,
"Our fallen nature naturally gravitates toward the wrong side of things. It wants to find fault with others and magnify problems. But our born-again nature wants to bless others and to magnify the good. As always, the final choice is up to us."

So I'm writing today to say that I'm choosing to magnify the good in this situation. I am not going to even thing about who wasn't there, who didn't call but I am going to magnify the good and realize just how blessed we were with the ones who did. What a blessing and a relief it is to do that. I don't have to carry this hurt feeling around, this in the gut anger that I normally would feel, I'm going to totally forget it! As of this minute....because I am going to magnify the Lord which is what we should always do. Because the choice is always ours.

May we always lean on the Lord and may He teach us to always magnify the good in every situation!



  1. Good word! Brings to mind 2 Cor 10:4-5

  2. Oh you are welcome, just let me know if you need anything!! I think we are all guilty of this Erika. We are human, God knows this... it's just realizing it when the feelings come like you did!!

  3. Thank you both. And just to let you know I had a call from one of my sisters today. She called and spoke to my son and then she called me and we had a nice conversation. God is so good!